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East St. Louis native, Andre Delano, is proud to release his latest single, "Umbrella." The song initially appeared on Rihanna's third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad, in 2007. "This offering is a culmination of several different emotions," states Delano. "The Corona Virus Pandemic, the passing of my parents, and the many lives we have lost these past years have contributed to an overwhelming desire to express myself."


The impact of the pandemic on the music industry was an unexpected one. Music events were canceled or postponed, including music festivals, concert tours, and award shows.


"The pandemic made me think about how close we all are to homelessness and the crisis across the nation," Delano adds. "Right after earning my BA in Business Administration from Jackson State University, I moved to Los Angeles and became a working musician. Since then, I have seen homelessness in Los Angeles continue to worsen. As an artist, I felt compelled to shine a light on this crisis.”


While there are no stats on homeless musicians, the number of homeless in the US is estimated at over 550k.

Multiple scenes of the “Umbrella” Video were shot on the streets of Skid Row.


"When I started researching homelessness statistics, I found that close to 40% of homeless are African American. These stats are staggering because blacks only make up 14% of the US population. Plus, 61% of homeless persons are men and boys."

Delano is not new to the music scene and his first solo offering was his critically acclaimed album entitled Full Circle. It featured guest appearances by guitarists Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire), Bruce Conte (Tower of Power), and smooth jazz piano virtuoso Kevin Toney. The album consists of numerous smooth jazz stylings, including "Footsteps," a tribute to his son entitled 'When Jadon Smiles," and "Night Riders," the album's first single, remixed by legendary keyboardist Jeff Lorber.


Since Full Circle, Delano has released a Christmas album aptly titled First Christmas; the R&B flavored, My So Fine, the updated My So Fine Uploaded, "Help Yourself" single that was featured on the Woodward Compilation 9 Mile Road album, IV album, and the single, "Where Will You Go" which is a cover of Babyface's popular hit. 


In addition, Delano has worked with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Maxwell, Lionel Richie, Usher, Donnie Osmond, Christina Aguilera, Cameo, and New Edition. Plus, he has booked numerous TV commercials, and major corporations have licensed his music, made hundreds of TV appearances, and traveled and performed worldwide.

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