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with Andre Delano

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The Truck Stops Here is a reality TV show soon to be in production starring Andre Delano. Andre is a renowned saxophonist, having played on over 100 recordings and toured with numerous A-list artists. However, due to the pandemic, 2020 was the first time Andre did not have a gig since moving to Los Angeles right after college.

Sometimes divine intervention happens years before we know why. Flashback to 2013; a friend dared Andre to obtain a commercial driver's license thinking he would never pass. Not only did he win the dare, but he passed with flying colors, initially believing he would not need it.

In March 2020, not knowing when music gigs would return and needing to support his family, Andre made one phone call and immediately began driving 18-wheelers. It wasn't easy, but he realized the real stars were on the rough roads.

Now Andre juggles trucking and music, and the show will follow Andre traveling across the U.S., giving us insight into the ups and downs of America's unsung heroes in transportation. But when "the truck stops," he reveals a must-see music venue and introduces an undiscovered artist, as there is so much talent in every town. Not only will Andre perform with each artist, but the artist will have the opportunity to shine. Each episode features a different artist, band, town, venue, and the raw adventure of the road.​​

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Pictured top left to right: 1. Maxwell, Andre & Babyface 2. Andre on GMA, 3. Andre & Michael Lington, 4. Andre & Lionel Richie, 5. Andre & Sherri Shepard, 6. Andre & Stevie Wonder, 7. Seal & Andre 8. Andre & Tori Kelly 9. Donnie Osmond  & Andre

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